The NEXT Initiative is a ministry venture of Power to Change – Students. Working with thousands of college and university students over the past fifty years, we know first-hand that the transition from high school to college or university can be challenging.

At Power to Change – Students, we believe that we can change the world by helping students discover Jesus because Jesus changes everything. We hope you would consider joining us on campus, but before you do we wanted to create this site for you. 

We know the journey to college or university doesn’t just start in the summer months after you graduate high school. You have to make decisions as early as Grade 9 about what classes to take. We know the journey gets more serious in Grade 11 and 12.

There are many decisions you have to make, especially in your last year. There are concerns and obstacles that you have to overcome. There are questions you are asking – and ones you should be asking. There is both excitement and nervousness about the independence and freedom you’ll have in your next chapter.

We hope these articles will give you some fresh perspective and insight on a variety of topics about college, university, and the journey of getting there. We’ll ask challenging questions that push you to come to some of the answers yourself. If you have grown up in some Christian context (family, school, church, camp), we hope the articles will help you see that God cares and that there is great wisdom that is applicable today and in your next chapter.

Do you have a question or have a suggestion? Please contact us at

Our Writers:

Our writing team consists of regular and guest writers. Most, if not all, of our writers have been on your journey, having graduated high school and then completed college or university.  Some of our guest writers are current college and university students who want to share their insight as they look back. Some of our guests come with years of experience of working with college and university students for most of their career. As God has made you unique, we wanted our writing team to reflect a diversity of experience and context as they write for you. There is a brief bio for every writer at the end of each article.

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