Who We Are

We help students take their next step towards Jesus.

We are ordinary people making sense of life in light of Jesus. His very good news is always relevant to our everyday lives. No matter where you’re starting from, we want to help students like you take your next step towards him.

So we’re forging communities in Canada where life transformation happens among post-secondary students, whether in-person or online. We’re offering hope by connecting the dots between Jesus’ mission and your life through helpful content. And we’re gathering through events and unique opportunities that inspire us to see the bigger picture of God’s kingdom. Because we believe life together with Jesus is what brings hope, meaning, and depth. 

Our Ideals

We want to see every student walking closer to Jesus, so we’re committed to helping people take their next step towards him. 

How do we hope this happens? Good question. 

We centre everything on Jesus. Through our lives and words, we hope to show that Jesus is always good news. We do this because we value the hope of the gospel. The world is pretty messed up, but because of Jesus, we can hope for and work towards renewal in our lives and in our communities. 

We invite students to take action. God’s mission is not just for a select few, but for anyone and everyone—and we invite others to be a part of following Jesus. We do this because we value God’s kingdom. God is working through so many people, churches, and organizations, so we are keen to partner with others, to be part of ministry efforts beyond ourselves.  

We contextualize our work. Every place and person is different, so our P2C-Students communities won’t be exactly the same, even though we hold the same values. We do this because we value adaptability. Situations change and people change, so we change. After all, we are called Power to Change. While the message of Jesus’ good news doesn’t change, we can present it in fresh ways that help people connect with it deeply. 

We gather in communities. Faith, doubt, and everything in between are welcome in our community. We hope for transformation to happen together, even as individuals daily choose to walk by faith. We do this because we value human dignity. All people are deeply valuable and worth loving and respecting, even through disagreements. We hope to create communities of diversity and welcome. In other words, we’re glad you’re here

A group of students around a table on a university campus discuss some thought-provoking questions

What We Offer

So let’s get practical. What do we offer?

We offer connection with community.

We gather in communities because we believe that’s where transformation happens. It’s so much harder to be transformed in isolation, and it’s really easy to feel isolated right now.

Each P2C community is a little different, even though we all hold the same values and ideals. Our communities shape their experiences to meet the specific needs of the people they are connected with. 

This is a challenging season, with school and life happening mostly online, but we’re still finding creative ways to gather and be connected. 

We offer a place to live on mission.

We believe it’s really important to create space to talk about life, faith, doubt, and issues that really matter. We do this because Jesus’ message is relevant to all of life and we see that he is actively at work, making all things new in our world. He invites each of us to join him in this work in a unique way.

Whether you get involved with something like an online Alpha course or you join in with the dialogue that’s happening online (on Instagram, Facebook, our blog, or our podcasts) around topics that matter, you can be part of experiences that will help both you and others take steps towards Jesus. 

We offer spaces for you to grow and be equipped.

We always have more to learn, right?

Our world is full of problems, and you’ve likely already started thinking about ways that you want to help make it better. You’re invited to join in with things like online conferences and events, discipleship relationships, training times, or even leadership development. You can grow in your ability to express the unique ways in which God is equipping you to demonstrate Jesus’ love in the world and make it a better place. 

There are many ways to get involved.

Whatever your geography and interests, we hope that you will find a place to belong. 

P.S. Are you interested in being a prayer or financial partner of P2C-Students? Click here because this page is for you! Learn about ways in which you can pray for and give, to help students take next steps towards Jesus.

Our Leadership

P2C communities are served by many amazing staff, and we hope you get to know at least one or a few of them. These leaders (pictured below) are the group of staff who currently serve as our National Leadership Team.

Andy Smits

National Director
Power to Change – Students

[Add a quote from Andy about community, meaningful relationships, growing closer to jesus…. Written to a student]

Dan Sherman

National Field Strategy Director

Graham Watt

Creative Communications Director

Esther Wong

Staff Development Director

Heather Campbell

Director of Development & External Communications

Bonnie Van de Mosselaar

National Director
Power to Change – Students

We’d love to hear from you! To connect with a P2C leader or ask any question at all, email hello@p2c.com

Our Ministry Network

We love partnering with other ministries who also care about students and the hope of Jesus’ gospel message. Here are some of our partner organizations:

Power to Change – Students is a ministry of Power to Change which is a family of 10 ministries and 1 humanitarian partner. Together as a collective, we seek to help people know Jesus and experience his power to change the world. Power to Change is part of the global family of Campus Crusade for Christ International (Cru).

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